In a country where education is held in very high esteem, we at Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology have dedicated ourselves to impart education and develop the student to be a responsible engineer and individual.

Students of Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology are groomed carefully and the virtues of hard work, discipline and ethical practices in profession are imbibed in them constantly during their campus life.

Campus life here stresses the importance of extra academic activities apart from academic learning, leading them to many new avenues. All these go a long way in making our student a thoroughbred professional, eminently suited to contribute in his chosen career with an ever open mind for new thoughts and ideas in industrial and technological advancements.

We are hence confident that our students equipped with such capabilities will emerge as valuable contributory assets to the development of the organizations they serve as well as to the nation.

Our college is committed to providing quality Education and Training in Engineering and Technology to prepare students for life and work equipping them to contribute to the technological, economic and social development of India. The College pursues excellence in providing training to develop a sense of professional responsibility, social and cultural awareness and set students on the path to leadership.

Educational Qualification:
  • Ph. D - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, 2009.
  • ME - Mechanical Engineering (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning), Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, Bharathiar University, 1995
  • BE - Mechanical Engineering, Marathwada University, Aurangabad, 1993.
  • Experience:

    A total of 21 years experience in which 7 years as Principal in Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology, Professor – Senior Grade in Karunya University and as Project Engineer (Batliboi & Company Pvt. Ltd.) & Trainee Engineer (Sri Ranga Nathar Industries and Jaya Automotive Pvt. Ltd.) for 3 years.

    Major Achievements:
    • Actively involved in modernizing Thermal Laboratory in Karunya University and was instrumental in the conduct and support of Research Activities in the Thermal Lab.
    • Established Computer Aided I.C. Engine and Air Conditioning System in KDU.
    • 3 Papers were published in Annexure I International Journal and 25 papers were published in Annexure II International Journal.Introduced and acted as a member for choice based credit system in Karunya University.
    • Coordinated the various inspection committees such as NBA/AICTE/UGC in Karunya University.
    • Coordinator for Free Electives system and also actively involved in IAS coaching system in Karunya University.
    • Anna University Results have been improved from 18% to 50 % with NIET team and has been moved forward from 360 to 160 in ranking.
    • Initiated the NAAC & NBA preparation for the past two years in NIET.
    • Centralized Computer Centre was introduced for the effective use of hardware and software in NIET.
    • Student Council System and various club activities has been introduced and carried on in NIET.
    Funded Projects:
    • Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India – Desalination of Sea Water into Drinking Water – Rs. 25 Lakhs was coordinator for the project along with the principal investigator in the year 2006.
    • Institution of Engineers, Government of India – CFD Flow Simulation of Supersonic Nozzle – Rs. 60,000/- in the year 2012.
    Professional Strength:
    • Positive attitude.
    • Good motivator.
    • Dedicated and hardworking.
    • Focused and target oriented.
    • Helping employees feel valued.
    • Adapt to changing situations.
    • Able to work well with others, and understand how to integrate ideas and personalities.