Library – PK Das Knowledge Fort

Library is the heart of every academic institution. Browse someone’s books, and you browse their life. We are what we read! The pile of books on someone’s nightstand can tell you a lot about who they are, what they believe and where their passions lie. Books not only reveal our interests, they also bring us together – in discussion, in learning and in understanding. A shared reading Experience can inform our mutual work, inspire our collective imaginations and shape our perceptions of humanity. “Library is the only centralized location where information technology can be combined with traditional knowledge resources in a user focused environment”. Our library is equipped with good collection of books around 25879 with 9501 titles, 2045 CDs, 1263 Projects & 1048 Back volumes, 200 National Journals & international Journals along with Foreign and National Magazines. To motivate and increase the users we provide Best User Award & Library Orientation to the students every year. Our library has a separate block with three floors with different section like Digital libraries, Communication lab, Multimedia lab, Circulation Section, Reference Section, Reprographic Section, and Periodical Section. NIET library provide OPAC service & Open Access system to ensure easy access to the students & faculty members. To promote Resource Sharing we provide DELNET, INFLIBNET Services & Inter library loan facility within our NGI libraries. E Resources like J-gate, DELNET, EBSCO including more than 50000 Journals.